Recruitment Talent for You

Talent that stays with you is a difference maker in today’s competitive talent landscape. We find more than skills, we look for those character traits in candidates that will pay long-term dividends. Gain the assurance and confidence only attainable when working with senior-level professionals who average 10+ years of experience and tenure with the firm and in the IT and recruitment industries.

Create an open, inclusive, and diverse workplace.


Diversity is a strength and value we and our partners cherish. That’s why we have a broad toolkit to help you locate candidates from underrepresented demographics in the IT field. We can help you broaden your diversity and inclusion acquisition strategy and design job descriptions that will appeal to a broader and more inclusive audience. We back your business with recruiters skilled in strategies for sourcing IT professionals within all demographics, able to help you build and maintain D&I within your organization

We’re certified

  • Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiters (CDRs)
  • Equal Pay Certification
  • Compliance Certificate from the State of Minnesota
  • Compliance with all EEO requirements