Over many years, we’ve built a reputation as a trusted Master of Human capital in the IT consulting space by consistently matching clients and projects with best-fit consultants. At ITR Group, we are a longstanding, well-thought-of resource.


Though being swift in filling open IT positions is important, at ITR Group, our speed doesn’t sacrifice our being resourceful, dependable, collaborative, and thorough. Our clients and our team depend on us to communicate and follow through consistently, regardless of the size of the request.


We intentionally invest in and advocate on behalf of our employees and consultants, who we see as critical to successful client projects and longstanding partnerships. At ITR Group, we choose to base our success on our commitments to and engagements with our consultants and clients, rather than on commoditized staffing models or price wars.


Work can be challenging — for our clients, our employees and our consultants. At ITR Group, we choose to view our challenges and opportunities with energy and optimism. We make it our business to be adaptive and to have serious fun together, finding new and engaging ways to solve problems and support one another.