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Connect smarter.

At ITR Group, we match ideal IT consultants with unique clients and projects—fast and effectively—time and time again. In short, right fit is where we earn our keep.

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We excel in this critical space because we place the emphasis where it matters: on knowing. Knowing our consultants and contractors and what makes them tick. Knowing our clients and their particular needs. This knowledge helps us make the smart connections between the two sides of our business—and allows everyone to succeed.

This is also why connecting with you is important to us, whether you are a consultant with IT skills looking for your next placement, or a client looking for the right experience for your next project. Email, or, better yet, call us and see where ITR Group can help you connect smarter.

“It’s not how many people we place or the clients we have placed them with, but how well we have placed them that has made all of the difference.”

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